Selenit, Palo Santo, Incense Rope and dried Lavender
Selenit, Palo Santo, Incense Rope and dried Lavender
Selenit, Palo Santo, Incense Rope and dried Lavender

Selenit, Palo Santo, Incense Rope and dried Lavender

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Beautiful 100% natural smudge bundle, handmade.

Smudging is a ceremony tied to many indigenous cultures for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place.


-  Palo Santo stick (sustainably harvested in Peru from dead wood, ca. 11 cm long).

-  Selenite Crystal wand (ethically sourced in Morocco).

-  Incense Rope (traditionally handmade in Nepal).

-  Lavender (organic & sustainably harvested in Greece).

-  Wrapped with hemp thread.

-  Comes with instruction booklet.

PALO SANTO which means "holy wood" is a sacred tree in South America. It is said to clear negative thoughts and evil spirits, and to be considered a powerful supporter of emotional clarity. Origin: Peru (sustainably wild harvested from dead wood.)

SELENIT received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon: Selene. It carries an energy of peace and calm and brings clarity to those who need it. Each of the crystals is formed by nature so it it completely unique. Origin: Morocco.

INCENSE ROPES are traditionally handmade with different aromatic Himalayan herbs, finely powdered and wrapped in thin Lokta paper & twined forming a rope called Dhupaya (incense). Often used during meditations by Hindus & Buddhists. Origin: Nepal.

LAVENDER is well known for its soothing, cleaning and calming qualities. Origin: Greece. Organic.


* Please note that the Palo Santo sticks are natural pieces - so the form and colour may vary.

* The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) declared bursera graveolens’s conservation status “of least concern.” So we are happy to mention that Palo Santo is not endangered : )


HOW TO USE (Anleitung):

1.    Light the smudge stick, Palo Santo stick or the incense rope with a candle, matches or a lighter. (Zünde das Räucherbündel, das Palo Santo Stäbchen oder die Räucherschnur mit einer Kerze oder Streichhölzern an.)

2.    Hold the stick (not the incense rope) a little downward to create a nice flame. (Halte das Bündel oder das Stäbchen (nicht die Räucherschnur) ein wenig nach unten um eine gute Flamme zu erhalten.)

3.    Blow out the flame after 10-15 seconds and place the stick on a heat proof plate to let it burn. Careful, the flame can get big (keep water in reach). (Puste die Flamme nach 10-15 Sekunden aus und lege das Bündel auf eine hitzebeständige Platte. Achtung, die Flamme kann groß werden (Wasser bereit halten).)

4.    After clearing and cleansing, extinguish the stick by gently pressing it into the abalone coconut wood bowl or any other heatproof dish (or use sand or water). You can also allow it to burn out on its own. (Nach der Reinigungszeremonie, lösche das Bündel, durch Aufdrücken auf die Abalone Kokosholzschale oder eine andere hitzebeständige Schale (oder verwende Sand oder Wasser). Du kannst es auch von selbst ausbrennen lassen.)

Enjoy : )

Never leave unattended and not within reach of children & pets.

Niemals unbeaufsichtig lassen und nicht in Reichweite von Kindern oder Haustieren.

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